Sunset Report

Strategic Plan
2016-17 through 2021-22


Did you know?

Initial Procedures

Catalog Numbers

Prior to cataloging cultural materials, the depositor shall contact the Division to request catalog numbers for each site (both known and newly recorded sites) from which artifacts were collected. The depositor shall notify the Division in writing of all catalog numbers used, within 30 days of cataloging a collection.

Letter of Intent to Curate a Collection

An individual, agency, or firm (henceforth referred to as a "depositor") who wants to deposit archaeological collections with the Division of Archaeology must first contact the Division in writing. This letter merely notifies the Division of the depositor's intent to submit a collection. Subsequently, the Division will respond with a letter of acknowledgement accompanied by a copy of these guidelines, if needed; this letter shall not be construed as a blanket acceptance of the depositor's collection.


Collections generated after April 20, 1994, are now subject to a curation fee of $200.00 per cubic foot (see L.A.C. 25:I). When a collection is submitted for curation, it must be accompanied by a check made out to the Louisiana Division of Archaeology for $65.00 per cubic foot of artifactual material deposited. This check covers the cost of staff time used to review and inventory the collection and some supply costs. Division staff will supply a receipt for this check and will write a letter of receipt to the depositor and other pertinent parties, as requested by the depositor, indicating that a collection(s) has been submitted for curation.

An inventory of the collection will be conducted subsequently by Division staff, after which a letter of acceptance or letter of modification will be sent to the appropriate parties. A letter of acceptance indicates a collection meets the guidelines stipulated and will be accessioned; a letter of modification lists the corrections that will be necessary before a collection can be accepted for curation. It is the depositor's responsibility to correct the problems noted. These corrections must take place in the Division's repository.

The letter of acceptance to the depositor will be accompanied by an invoice for the remaining $135.00 per cubic foot fee for curation of the collection. This fee shall be paid within30 days of receipt of the Division's invoice. There is a minimum charge of $200.00, even if the collection is less than 1 cubic foot.