Please include the following documents when a report is submitted for review by the State Historic Preservation Office:


The following three items should be submitted electronically to;

  • A cover letter with the project/report title, applicant or client name and address, and the email address and phone number of the person to whom the response letter should be sent.  If the project is being submitted for Section 106 review, please include the name of the appropriate federal agency.  If the report is being submitted for review in advance of any federal agency involvement, the cover letter should specify that the project is being submitted as due diligence.
  • A digital pdf copy of the report;
  • A copy of the project shapefiles. A kmz or kml file is acceptable. The file must include all of the property in the project area.

In addition, a hard copy of the report must be mailed to:

Kristin Sanders, State Historic Preservation Office
PO Box 44247
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-44247

The National Historic Preservation Act allows the SHPO 30 days from date of receipt of all requested documents to process and provide our response.  We are not able to provide expedited reviews unless a previous legal agreement is in place.  Thank you for your cooperation!

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