Educational Traveling Trunks

  Our educational traveling trunks contain real and replica artifacts, books, lesson plans, PowerPoints, and hands-on activities aligned with the current state standards.  Developed by the Louisiana Division of Archaeology, Louisiana archaeologists, and former and current educators, each traveling trunk provides educators with supplemental information on Louisiana’s cultural history.


Why use the traveling trunks?

  Our traveling trunks provide students with the ability to interact directly with Louisiana’s past.  Each kit represents a different historical perspective.  Students can hold real artifacts from these sites, reinforcing the concept that these were used by real people in Louisiana.  The material in the kits align with Louisiana Student Standards, providing educators with supplemental material they can use as soon as they open the traveling trunk.  We encourage educators in the classroom and at home to use our traveling trunk program and to provide feedback on their experience and student engagement.


What does the traveling trunk contain?

  Each traveling trunk contains a variety of objects, including real and replica artifacts; books and background references for all grade levels; a flash drive with PowerPoints, instructional information, videos, etc.; and hands-on activities related to the traveling trunk's specific theme.


How do I reserve a traveling trunk?

  Click the links below to access the reservation form for our themed traveling trunk options:

    1. Poverty Point - Poverty Point World Heritage Site is a 3,500 year old prehistoric American Indian culture.
    2. El Nuevo Constante - El Nuevo Constante is an 18th century Spanish merchant vessel.


What are the shipping options?

  There are two options for receiving a traveling trunk:

    1. We can ship the traveling trunk to you for free.
    2. You can pick up the traveling trunk from our office between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday-Friday.

  There are also two options for returning the traveling trunk:

    1. You can bring the traveling trunk to our office between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday-Friday.
    2. You can ship the traveling trunk to our office.  You will need to pay for shipping if you choose to send by mail. 


How long can I keep the traveling trunk?

  You can reserve the traveling trunk for up to two weeks.  We will ship the traveling trunk on the first day of your reservation (Monday) if you choose the shipping method.  You will need to return the traveling trunk no later than 4:00 pm Friday of the next week.  If you choose to ship the traveling trunk to our office, then you will need to mail it the Thursday morning of your reserved last week.  

  The borrower is responsible for taking reasonable care to prevent damage, loss, or deterioration of the traveling trunk contents.  The Division of Archaeology shall be notified immediately if loss or damage is discovered.  No materials may be repaired, cleaned, or altered by the borrower.  All items must be repacked, including the response form, in the traveling trunk.  During shipment, the traveling trunk must be secured by combination lock and insured for $400.

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