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There is one annual application cycle for the Cultural Districts Program. All new District applications and Boundary Expansion applications will be completed through the new Cultural Districts portal, located at

Applications open May 15th

Applications close August 1st

These dates are subject to change, due to circumstances with COVID-19.

Note: Boundary Change Applications Part 1 are also due August 1st, with Part 2 due September 15th.

Local governments may designate a geographic area and apply to the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism for certification as a Cultural District.

Potential applicants should review the Guidelines carefully for program specifications and application procedures including:

  • Criteria for certification.
  • Important details about the tax incentives.
  • Definitions of terms.
  • Timeframes and deadlines.
  • Instruction about how to apply.
  • Annual reporting requirements.
  • Business list requirements.

Application Guidelines

Program Implementation Guidelines

Procedure for Boundary Change Application 

For information on guidelines, application dates, and procedures - please email

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