The Louisiana Division of the Arts is pleased to present our Louisiana State Artist Roster. The artists on this roster represent a diverse range of artistic disciplines and live in and create work across the state. They have been vetted by our staff based on their body of work, pricing, and willingness to travel. If you would like to be part of the roster please review the guidelines (here). To apply for the roster complete the application (application link) and submit an image of your work or an image of your choice to We recommend the use of Adobe Reader for completion of the form. The site is best viewed in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

If you have any questions, please contact Danny Belanger at or 225-342-8209

click here to learn more about the Artist Roster.
The Louisiana Artist Roster is a listing of Louisiana artists that have professional experience with shows, exhibits, or performances of all genres who are tour-ready and available for statewide, regional, national or international bookings, exhibitions and special events. Artists must complete the online application and will be selected for the roster through a peer review process. As you consider applying to the roster, ask yourself these questions:
1. Are you a Louisiana resident at least 18 years or older?
2. Do you currently exhibit or tour outside of the parish in which you live?
3. Can you provide evidence of your exhibition or tour history?
4. Are you a professional artist?
5. Do you provide outreach, master classes or educational activities?


Excellence 50%
Quality of the artist’s work, Evidence of performance/exhibition activity, Evidence of professional touring activity (Performing Artists), Artist resume, Samples of work, Reviews and other support materials

Management Ability 50%
Indicators of exhibition preparedness, Indicators of touring preparedness (Performing Artists), Promotional materials,

(Optional) If you have an Outreach or Education component: Activities appropriate for stated age groups Samples of tools Educational tools that reflect the Louisiana Content Standards

Application available here  pdf_icon.png

All inquiries, arrangements, bookings, or commissions are handled directly with the artist. The Louisiana Division of the Arts reserves the right to withdraw the privilege of Directory membership from an artist at any time. Removal or suspension is not automatic; each case is reviewed individually.

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Artists who have who have been vetted by the Louisiana Presenters Network have an LPN Artist designation.

If you would like information of the Gulf States Presenters Network please click here.
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