Louisiana was the first state in the nation to produce a statewide architectural heritage education curriculum. Its goal is to provide the state’s students with a sense of appreciation, pride, and stewardship for Louisiana’s historic buildings. In doing so, it also assists teachers in meeting the Department of Education’s Social Studies Standards. The curriculum’s ten units are statewide in scope.

The units deal with building types found throughout Louisiana as well as those limited to specific areas within the state. Thus, the curriculum has elements that teachers in each city, town, and parish can use. In addition, the materials can be adapted for students of any age.

The architectural chronology of the units aligns with the chronology of the state’s history and culture. Because architectural styles and building types often remain popular for long periods of time, there is some overlapping.

Each unit contains four parts:

  •     A short background narrative including interesting and fun facts to capture students’ interest.
  •     Material presented in a teacher-friendly format.
  •     A lesson plan (including a short bibliography)
  •     Activities designed by a classroom teacher


French Creole Heritage

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