This publication is written by Jonathan Fricker, Donna Fricker and Patricia L. Duncan with photographs taken by Donna Fricker. It is filed under Library of Congress Number 98-71639, ISBN Number: 1-887366-23-7. Copyright 1998, University of Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette, Louisiana. Published by The Center For Louisiana Studies, P.O. Box 40831, University of Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette, LA 70504-0831.


This volume describing and illustrating the architectural styles found in Louisiana would not be have been possible without the help of several organizations. The authors wish to thank the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism, whose Office of Cultural Development, Division of Historic Preservation provided the time and opportunity needed to photograph, study and interpret the state's architectural legacy. We also wish to recognize the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, whose goal of promoting the best that is Louisiana is the underlying reason behind all our work.

In addition, we wish to thank the Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans for its constant support of the project. The style articles originally appeared in Preservation In Print, a publication produced jointly by the PRC and the Division of Historic Preservation. PRC staff members were among the first to suggest that the material be republished in a single volume for use by the general public. The generosity of the organization's Board of Directors in granting permission to reprint the essays is deeply appreciated.

Finally, we wish to thank the Center For Louisiana Studies, University of Southwestern Louisiana for its recognition of the topic's importance and its enthusiasm for the project.


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