Each year the Division of Historic Preservation distributes an allocation of federal funds for historic preservation projects through a competitive grants process. These funds are from the National Park Service, U. S. Department of the Interior. The focus of the grant proposals should be related to ongoing state and federally mandated programs and initiatives that are outlined in the Louisiana Comprehensive Plan.

State Plan

In 2023, LASHPO will give special priority to projects that Emphasize Education and Public Knowledge of Historic Preservation (Goal 2).  Other proposals that relate to ongoing state and federally mandated programs and initiatives outlined in the Louisiana Comprehensive Plan entitled First We Make a Roux:  Ingredients for Preservation Partnerships in Louisiana:  2017-2025, will also be considered.  These initiatives include but are not limited to:

Goal 3: Build Visibility

  • Build and expand public appreciation of historic/cultural resources through increased placement of stories in various outlets.
  • Highlight National Register resources such as cemeteries, historic landscapes, archaeological sites, Indian Mounds, etc.

Goal 4: Expand and Promote Historic Preservation Services and Programs

  • Promote the surveying of parishes and municipalities.
  • Connect the national register program to more culturally diverse communities, including tribes to strengthen cultural ties.
  • Target underrepresented resources or communities to document, etc.

All proposals must include an outreach, public education or media component within the overall proposed grant project.

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Typical recipients include historic preservation organizations, parish governments, economic development districts, planning commissions, museum houses, state agencies, municipal governments, educational institutions, historic district commissions and Certified Local Governments (CLG).

Previously funded projects include, but are not limited to, the development of preservation plans, design guidelines, and document digitization. Previous projects also included surveys of historic districts, preparation of National Register nominations, Historic American Building Survey (HABS) documentation and educational activities to promote historic preservation.

Typical funded CLG projects include the development of design guidelines for historic districts, municipal Historic Resource Inventory Surveys, feasibility studies on a single or group of historic buildings, condition assessments and historic structures reports. Projects also include public information projects relative to historic preservation and historic preservation training programs for officials and local citizens.  You can view previous Grant funded projects within the table at the bottom of the page.  

These awarded grant funds must be matched by non-federal monies on at least a 60/40 basis, though grantees may elect to overmatch. Grant funds are distributed on a reimbursable basis only (the recipient makes an expenditure and is subsequently reimbursed for the grant portion of the expenditure when the necessary billing documentation is received).

For more information contact:

Nicole Hobson-Morris
Tel: 225.342.8172 

Ja'el Gordon
Tel: 225-219-4599

Amanda Lanata
(225) 342-8157

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*Forms and Documents*
2023-2024 Historic Preservation Fund Grants - Announcement of Availability
2023-2024 Historic Preservation Fund Grants - Application Information & Form
2023-2024 Historic Preservation Fund Grants - Application Information Guide

2023-2024 - Grantee Itemized Billing Request Form

Louisiana Comprehensive Plan – First We Make a Roux: Ingredients for Preservation Partnerships in Louisiana, 2017-2025 .
Historic Preservation Fund Grants Manual 
Office of Cultural Development Strategic Plan - FY 2017-FY 2022
2023-2024 Quarterly Report Template
2023-2024 Grantee Timesheet Staff-Volunteers
                    Grantee Timesheet Staff-Volunteers
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HPF Grants:

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