Brochures accepted by the Louisiana Office of Tourism for distribution at the Welcome Centers must be tourist oriented, promoting the State’s history, culture, recreational and leisure opportunities, natural and scenic resources, cuisine, attractions, accommodations and events.

  1. Brochures must be professionally typeset, error free, with proper English usage.

  2. Only standard size brochures or coupons will be accepted (approximately 4"x 9") and must be on paper stock of sufficient weight to avoid folding over the rack rail.

  3. All entities, attractions, and related businesses must be open to the public on a regularly scheduled basis.

  4. Content and/or name change in an approved brochure requires new approval.

  5. Only one brochure display space per property shall be allowed.

  6. Due to space restrictions, the Welcome Center Supervisors will allocate rack space on a rotating basis.

  7. A publication for a Louisiana property should not bear an out-of-state heading.

  8. A brochure can contain no more than 5% out-of-state information. Depending on the demand for information, the 5% limitation may be waived by the Office of Tourism; however, a brochure with 15% or more out-of-state information will not be considered for display or distribution.

  9. Brochures containing more than 5% ad space will not be accepted with the exception of Travel Discount Guides.

  10. Local or regional magazines entertainment publications may be displayed at the discretion of an individual Center’s supervisor, with consent from the Welcome Center Program Director.

  11. Festival brochures and other time sensitive pieces may be held for display until closer to the time of the event.

  12. Coupons:
    1. Coupons or brochures which quote special lodging rates must have a professionally printed or stamped rate. If the discount is a percentage or dollar amount off, the regular rate that this applies to must be printed on the coupon.
    2. Coupons must state all restrictions that apply such as room type, number of people per room, etc. If the coupon is not good for advance reservation, it must so state.
    3. Any property not honoring their advertised discount rate will have all brochures removed from the Welcome Centers, unless extenuating circumstances such as a natural disaster cause hotels to change their advertised rates.
    4. Once a coupon is approved, that coupon will be available to the public until the date of expiration. This coupon may be rotated off the rack because of space limitations, but will not be removed from the racks because of increased occupancy rates.

  13. Promotional or information materials requested for placement in the Welcome Centers by Louisiana State Agencies will be reviewed by the administrators of the Office of Tourism. Approval/disapproval will be made on the merits of each request.

Approval Process

Brochure approval is easy.

  1. Email a color scan or PDF of your brochure to, requesting permission to display your brochure at Louisiana Welcome Centers.

  2. When your brochure is approved, you'll receive confirmation by return email, along with a copy of the guidelines and contact information for each of our 10 Welcome Centers.

  3. You are responsible for getting your material to the individual centers; and we suggest you start with a quantity of 300. You'll want to check with the centers to see when to replenish the supply.

  4. Please be aware that participation in the Brochure Distribution Program operated by Louisiana Travel Promotion Association does not guarantee approval for Welcome Centers operated by the Louisiana Office of Tourism.

Unacceptable Brochures

  1. Brochures which are political or religious in intent, nature or content.

  2. Any brochure in which advertisement has been sold on the basis that it would be distributed through the State Welcome Centers without prior approval from the Louisiana Office of Tourism.

  3. Real estate or rental listings.

  4. Catalogs or order blanks for merchandise or items for sale, entry forms, registrations or membership forms, etc.

  5. Literature which promotes tours by wholesale or retail operators.

  6. Brochures of individual retail establishments, unless included in a multiple listing by group merchant associations, malls or organizations.

  7. Brochures with handwritten changes.

  8. Newspaper tabloids, flyers, supplements or inserts.

  9. Any literature deemed inappropriate by the Louisiana Office of Tourism.
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